Mateo Luka is a proud supporter of  Sweet Binks Rescue Inc. All proceeds from the sale of his debut novel "Broadcast" will be donated to this non-profit rescue!

Sweet Binks is a 501c3 nonprofit charity, all volunteer rescue organization located in rural Foster, RI. Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, Inc. was founded and operated for 15+ years as a state licensed shelter for domestic rabbits. Sweet Binks has rescued and placed about 3500 domesticated rabbits from local shelters, cruelty cases and strays. However, in 2017, we restructured our organization and changed our focus from primarily domestic rabbit rescue to wildlife rehabilitation for NW RI injured and orphaned wildlife. We hope all the friends and supporters we have made over the years continue to follow and support us as we take on this much needed cause. We are happy that we feel we made a significant difference in the awareness of domestic rabbit adoption, proper re-homing, care and more. We also assist and have helped save numerous pigs, chickens, ducks and geese, peacocks, emu, horses, goats and a donkey over the years as well, many still with us in their elderly years now. For more information about our wildlife focus, please visit our web site at